In 2019 the BIT-event will take place for already the fourth time. This year the event will be held on Wednesday the 24th of April. Last year the event was hosted in the new Elinor Ostrom building. All attendants spoke very well of the facilities there, so this year the event will take place in the same building and we will try our very best to make the facilities even better.

The BIT-event is an event organized by Thalia and Synergy, the different study associations of Computing Science and Business Administration. During the day students of both study associations come together and attend workshops hosted by a wide variety of companies in which the different fields of both studies come together. If you are interested in one of the companies you can come in closer contact with them during the lunch or the drinks at the end of the day. This is a nice and informal way to come into contact with companies who are looking for you as a future employee!
The schedule of this year’s BIT-event wil roughly look like this:

  • The day starts with an opening speaker. This speaker is someone who encouters the intersection of the different fields of business and IT on a daily basis and will try to get everyone excited for the rest of the day.
  • After the opening speaker, everyone will attend one of the workshops which lasts 90 minutes. We will try to place you all in a workshop of your preferred choice!
  • The first round of workshops will be followed by a lunch. Here everyone can discuss the morning of the event or speak with the companies that attend the event.
  • The second round of workshops will be held in the afternoon. This session of workshops will be hosted by a set of different companies with respect to the first session.
  • At end of the day, there will be a drink for everyone who attended the event (students and companies). Here everyone can discuss the events of the day or come in closer contact with one (or more) of the companies.

As we get closer to the event, more details of the event will be revealed, such as the companies that provide the workshops and the schedule. To keep informed about the latest developments, visit our website regularly or follow us on Facebook or Instagram!

For companies: We are glad to inform everyone that this year we have found interested companies who will host the workshops once again! Is your company looking for a way to get in touch with students? Feel free to contact us at for the possibilities to attend the BIT-event in 2020 (you can contact us in either Dutch or English).