AFAS is a Dutch family owned company. A little weird, a little stubborn, but most of all filled with passion when it comes to inspiring customers and entrepeneurs. We develop innovative software for both the business and consumer market and do not hesitate to take our corporate social responsibilities along the way.

How do you explain who AFAS is? We believe that it is hidden inside our organizational culture. When you are working at AFAS, you are AFAS. Our four core values ‘do’, ‘trust’, ‘weird’ and ‘family’ help to describe us best. Everyone in our organization works and helps every day to maintain our unique organizational culture.

We love inspiring you! How? Take our product. We develop ERP-software. It doesn’t sound very sexy, but is of critical importance for every company. As a company you want to invest your time in your product or service, and not in all the administrative processes that come with it. Our software helps you do so. Smart automation helps you to simplify or even eliminate business processes. This allows you to spend more time on what you love most: being an entrepeneur!