What do I want?
Process optimalization, Consultancy, Big Data or Programming?

These are your fields of interest and this is what you have studied for for so long. But how do you use this knowledge to make a difference? Who offers you the best opportunities that fit you? Do you want to stay in the Netherlands or are you more internationally oriented? How do you bring your knowledge into practice in a guided manner?

No work experience? That’s a must!

You (almost) have succesfully finished your Bachelor or Master programme. You want to solve business cases and it suits you to do so in a team. You are analytically oriented and you like designing and supporting processes. And all this with the help of the most used software in the field of business automatization: SAP. Along the way you also gather the most critical counsultancy skills.

Programming is an option, but there is definitely more. We distinguish functional positions from technical (programming) ones. All that matters is that you find the best place to use your qualities!