Dr. Stijn Hoppenbrouwers is involved in teaching at the Radboud University since 2000. Some of his main fields of expertise: Information Systems, Business IT-integration, Enterpirse Engineering and Rrequirements Engineering. During his work he finds himself in the middle of the worlds of Business and IT on a daily basis.





Practical Abstraction: the Essential Trick at the Hearth of Business-IT Alignment
In this lecture, dr. Stijn Hoppenbrouwers (HAN University of Applied Sciences and Radboud University) takes you along on a conceptual journey from the Big Picture to the Devil that’s in the Detail, dropping by at places like Magic, the Meaning of Meaning, Climate Change, and Data Governance.
Abstraction is a fancy term often associated with math and tech. However, abstraction is also heavily tied in with human rational thinking and even lies at the heart of our language capability. It is a crucial concept in IT, but just as much in Business, Organisation and Communication. Practical Abstraction has been around since long before the dawn of the digital age, but has acquired a great urgency now Business and IT become more and more entwined. Effective and conscientious dealing with abstraction, even the concrete act of doing Practical Abstraction, is therefore at the very core of both Business and IT, but especially where Business and IT meet.