Wessel Schemkes
My name is Wessel Schemkes and I am a second year international Business Administration student. This year I am the chairman of the BIT-event, and as a chairman it is my job to make sure that everyone, and everything keeps on track to make sure that BIT 2019 will be a success. I am looking forward to seeing you all the 24th of April!

Giel Besouw
My name is Giel and I’m a fifth year student in Computing Science. I joined the BIT-commitee because I’m interested in the business side of ICT as well as the organizing of events. Before helping to organise the BIT-event I participated in the Events Commitee and Weekend Commitee of Study Association Thalia.
Gregor Biezemans
My name is Gregor Biezemans and I am currently in my last year of my bachelor Business Administration. Because I am also interested in Computing Science I decided to join the BIT committee and try to combine both fields of study. This year, together with Stephen and Jorrit, I will take care of promotion activities and make the BIT-event very well known to all of you.

Jorrit de Boer
My name is Jorrit de Boer and I am a first year Computing Science student. Up until now I really enjoy my study so when I was asked to do something and join the BIT committee I was very enthusiastic. I like to do my best for the study association and learn more about companies at the same time.
Stephen Gijsbers
My name is Stephen Gijsbers, I am 22 years old and I am currently in my last year of my bachelor Business Administration. During this year’s BIT-event I will take care of promotion and social media activities, together with Gregor and Jorrit. I hope to see you all on the 24th of April.

Thomas Klein Breteler
My name is Thomas Klein Breteler and I am a second year Computing Science student and I am interested in doing something more serious on the side of studying. As I am interested in the business/analytical side of computing science, organizing the BIT-event was a natural choice.
François van der Heijden
My name is François van der Heijden, I got involved with BIT because of my fascination for technology, especially AI. I am deepening my knowledge about the intersection between business and data. There is a lot this in Synergy and I want to develop myself in this area as well since it will be a crucial factor in business.

Luna-Elise Schernthaner
Hello, my name is Luna-Elise, I am a second year student of Computing Science here at the Radboud University. This year I will fulfill the role of treasurer and secretary of the BIT committee. Besides this and my study, I am also part of five other committees of Thalia and Olympus. I am looking forward to organising another great BIT-event with my fellow committee members.